Most years we carry out a major project for a charity in the developing world. Using ethnographic research and documentary photography, we record the work of a community based charity and use this to create marketing materials they can use to secure funding.

Examples of recent projects:
Farmers Forum for Trade and Social Justice (FAFOTRAJ), Malawi

We have produced two books that explain FAFOTRAJ’S work in mobilizing subsistence farmers to get better prices for their crops and to build sustainable business ventures so the farmers have enough money to send their children to school and provide adequate housing for their families. Visit the FAFOTRAJ website.

Theatre for a Change, Ghana

Theatre for a Change uses interactive theatre to help change patterns of behavior that put young people at risk from HIV/AIDS. We produced a book telling the story of Theatre for a Change’s work in Ghana. This book helped the charity secure funding from a major international bank for a two year program of work in Ghana’s schools. Visit the TFAC website.

We have also done voluntary projects for charities in Ethiopia, Kenya and Kolkata, India.