Telling the consumer story – documentary photography

Cultural Understanding

We have developed a number of tools for understanding the cultural context and assumptions of consumers in different markets. In all our projects we carefully consider the key cultural, social, and economic factors that affect consumer behavior and attitudes.

Creative Consumers

We have a panel of Creative Consumers - theater directors, furniture designers, journalists, novelists, actors, painters, sculptors. We use these Creative Consumers in innovation or consumer insight workshops or to add some inspiration to a research project. For example, we may ask an actor to improvise a performance about a particular brand value or play the role of a target consumer in a workshop or get a beauty journalist to write a Vogue style review of a new product concept as if it has just been launched.

Workshop Facilitation

We believe that by using creative facilitation techniques – for workshops and our debrief presentations – we help to extend and embed consumer understanding for our clients. Kate is a professionally trained and experienced workshop facilitator as well as a qualitative researcher.