We’re proud to work in a range of different categories, including
personal care, household goods, technology and food & beverage.


What I love about working with Show Me is that they really take the time to truly understand our core business issues. Combining this understanding with their proficiency in consumer research means we can trust that the approach they develop will be spot-on every time. Throughout the process, they are constantly looking to go deeper and uncovering greater context through outside resources to deliver richer, more robust insights

Senior Manager, Newell Rubbermaid

I love working with them – they are an amazing partner and have a great vision. You can go to them with any type of a project and build a brief together. And, they come back with much more than just what the consumer said. It is the full package – photography, video – all to really bring the consumer to life!

Global Brand Development Director, Dove

Show Me have an ability and desire to approach each project with a fresh perspective and energy. Business challenges that are seemingly standard on the surface, rarely are and Show Me not only recognizes that but proactively draw out the nuances that makes insight come to life for the brand and the consumer. Their approach and passion for uncovering deeper insight enables my team to drive forward stronger innovation within our brands. They are truly partners throughout the process and they don’t just walk away when the project is over. They truly and personally own the learning, which makes a huge difference.

Senior Consumer Insights Manager, Unilever Haircare

Show Me are great at understanding the consumer and making insight actionable across the innovation funnel. Whether it be early stage concept development though to advertising development, they bring a unique perspective on our target consumers. And, with their additional social science point of view, you get a richness that consumers themselves couldn’t give you.

Global Insights Director, Estee Lauder

Show Me knows their stuff and are willing to go that extra mile to unearth insights. They are rigorous and thorough in bringing the consumer to life like no other research partner. They are frank, clear and honest which results in a true partnership.

Consumer Insights Manager, Dove for Men

Both Kate and Richard are stellar moderators that seamlessly adapt to the group or individual they’re interviewing, and they have a knack for making respondents feel comfortable. Outside of their moderating skills, they take qualitative research to a whole new level by uncovering those big picture themes but also providing you with really specific and strategic direction that you can start implementing immediately

Senior Manager, Newell Rubbermaid

Show Me goes beyond the obvious. Their specialty is bringing the consumer to life via visualization and a deep holistic and contextual understanding of your topic. Their professional documentary photography approach really sets them apart. I recommend them to anyone who wants to do something creative and different. I also like their workshop approach. It’s not just a session, they approach it differently and it is all grounded and focused on the consumer.

Global Innovation Insights Director, VF Brands

Analytic presentations that have sizzle and substance. My marketing team is always pleasantly surprised by the level of thought and insight that Show Me provides

CMI Director, Unilever

“Show Me’s biggest strength is the combination of the two of them, Kate and Richard. They bring a much richer and strategic perspective on your consumer...”

-CMI Director, Unilever